People have a lot of opinions about the value of advanced education. Which do you think is the most important reason to attend college or university? Use reasons and examples to support your answer. new experiences career preparation increased knowledge

It is always essential to get a quality education. Nowadays students decide to attend college or university after graduating school. The one of the most prominent reasons that makes students attend college is because they want to increase their knowledge.Although some people say the opposite but I strongly believe that increasing knowledge is the major reason for that. There are two reasons which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost,College provides us with a wealth of background that aids us in finding our role in society. People always need to augment their knowledge base and university is considered one of the best institutions for this purpose. Furthermore, nowadays every headmaster requires knowledgeable employees for his own company. My brother’s example completes this reason. After graduating school, he entered university. He participated in a contest of one of the famous organizations and the winner would get a well remunerated position. My brother passed the test excellently and it was absolutely clear for commission that he was the finest candidate for that post. Second reason which compels me to favor this approach is that information we gain from college makes us more confident. Sometimes when we do not master the given topic and do not have any notion about it we start to be shy because of the absence of our background. Individual with his informative mind can pronounce his own opinion bravely and undoubtedly. Definitely universities provide opportunities during seminars or debates to determine our data and surely be more intrepid. My sister’s example completes this reason. She was shy and afraid to speak about something.During her college years she experienced many discussions and seminars. She also became a senior of her course. Day by day I noticed that my sister formed an active and vigorous girl who was different from the past one. Data that she obtained from college made her believe in herself and be stronger. In conclusion, increasing knowledge is the major choice to attend college or university as it makes us wealthy individuals with a lot of information which assists us in finding a good job and also promotes us to be brave people.
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