Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A mother is more essential to a child’s upbringing than a father. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Undoubtedly, in a children's world, a mother has been playing a major role, and she helps children in several ways. However, Father has his own task to assist a child. Personally, I believe the role of parents is equal, and it is vital for the child to benefit from both of them. To elaborate on this, I will explore my reasons in the following paragraphs. Firstly, most of the time, a mother tries to provide an environment for a child, and of course, all components of the environment would not provide freely. For example, Making a pleasant bedroom demand huge money. Consequently, a budget is mandatory to assist in order to provide the environment, and often a mother cannot concentrate other jobs to make money. In this circumstance, a father has an important job to provide money to handle the children's needs. Furthermore, In the current catastrophic world, it is harsh to protect children and families from an invader. Accordingly, we need more than one family member doing this job, and a father is an accurate option because no one has a sympathetic sense to own family except parents. For instance, I can remember when I was a child, and an older person wanted to bully. My father was the only one who protected me from this circumstance. As a result, in this type of situation, the father's roles would be revealed. Finally, as life grows, it becomes so hard to manage all tasks by a single parent, and it needs a strong collaboration to raise a child; otherwise, it can be hard to manage all those tasks and often lead to poor responsibility. For example, a single parent who is busy to work cannot afford to take many times with their own child, and in order to develop different practical skills in a child, it needs various time. To conclude, I indicated three reasons why I do not believe a mother by her own can help all work, and she is more important than a father.
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