Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because the world is changing so quickly, people now are less happy or less satisfied with their lives than people were in the past.

Since the dawn of humanity, there has been an overwhelming weight of obsession on people`s minds regarding happiness in life as the epitome of the creatures. I believe that changing the world has many benefits for human beings. However, people hold different views toward satisfaction and happiness. Some people believe that in the past people had better lives. On the other hand, others say that today's lives that have been affected by fast changes are more desirable. I believe that making a living and health has always been the critical factors in people`s happiness, and thanks to these technological changes they became better for people. As far as I am concerned, I disagree that nowadays people are less happy than that of the past due to the quickly changing. To begin with, since the dawn of civilization, people are concerning about earning money. By and large, we can say that satisfaction and happiness always depended on money. Nevertheless, according to this mechanized world that has been affected by the technology and the appearance of the internet, as the amazing changes, people have the opportunity to make money in more convenient circumstances. For example, I am a Data Scientist. I am working on my comfortable chair in my home or anywhere I want to be and I earn money. I am working remotely, I am not limited to the place or time and it could not possible to ignore such a fortune due to the technological changes. Thus, I believe that technological changes as a wonderful modification to these days lives, make the opportunity up for you to make a living as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, the ever-increasing pace of technology leads the world to be safer and life expectancy has increased. Medical improvements are known as a key factor in human happiness and satisfaction as a consequence of the technology development and because of these changes, people are less concerned about their living and health. For instance, unfortunately, my sister was born in a bad situation, with a disability. My parents always were sad and upset about this issue, but she is in a great situation now and she is living like a normal person because of the last few years' surgeries she had. It was impossible for her if she had lived in the past. Therefore, nowadays people are more satisfied and happy since medical improvements occurred. To wrap up, as I mentioned I disagree that because the world is changing so fast, people became sad and they are not living gracefully when compare to the people in the past. First of all, technology makes the opportunity up for people to earn money in a comfortable situation, and second, according to medical improvements that happened these fast-changing people are more satisfied than in the past.
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