Life is easier for people than it was when our grandparents lived

My first impression after reading this statement, is strong agreement.However, after thinking about this statement for a while,there occur some points that blur my agreement. For the beginning ,lets consider our life and our modern living conditions.We now live in a world that is constantly developing.There are too many advantages that make our life easier and give us opportunity to develop.Considering technology that helps us in so many things like household,factories,offices, restaurants and so on.So living in a world with somehow robots that make our life easier is a great advantage.Moreover,social media and internet that are the most crucial factors in modern world,provide us news ,information and entertainment and education as well.Now it is easily possible to find a certain book on internet. But to consider time when our grandparents lived.They hadn't such opportunities to develop and study.To find a book, for example, they used to search libraries for hours.Moreover information that was provided at schools at that time was scarce.They were not having such machinery as we have now,so they used to do everything by themselves.They did not have cars or any transportation machines as wee have now,using animals or carrying weight by themselves was their only solution.Our grandparents used to do everything by themselves, building ,working,finding supply food, transporting , studying without any help of machinery. However, in my opinion,life was much more energetic and fun at time when our grandparents lived.People were more positive and more caring.Now were are all in our jobs or social media ,life is more virtualized and we are living in a society with people engaged only in theirs works or only in their own personal interests.There is no proper communication between people,that was in past.This is the main reasons that cast doubts on my opinion that life was better when our grandparents were children.Was it more comfortable ? Certainly ,yes. But was it more interesting ? I think no,however, there are still different reasons to think about it.
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