Question: Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they challenge the specific points made in the reading passage.

n the given set of materials, the reading and the lecture are both dealing about land turning into dry, unusable desert. While the author provides three possible theories to criticize devices that can be used against desertification to accumulate water from the atmosphere. The lecturer disputes claims made in the text. In particular, her position is that this equipment might be very useful. First of all, according to the passage, the cost of this device would make growing trees expensive process. Nevertheless, this specific argument is challenged by the lecturer. She declares that the cost can be reasonable. Furthermore, she argues that once the tree gets bigger, the device can be reused. Secondly, the article suggests that people living in some areas most affected by desertification might even have issues managing to provide food. The speaker, however, asserts that locals could use possible rewards. Additionally, she points out that the devices can be used for other plants. Finally the writer posits that the device's ability to collect water is limited and once the tree is big, it is going to die. In contrast, the professor's stance is that plants will be able to withstand in harsh environment. Following this argument, she votes that the bigger the tree gets, the easier it is for it to survive. As you can see, the listening part casts doubts on the points mentioned in the reading by bringing up its compelling explanation and examples to elaborate its viewpoint.
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