Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more enjoyable to have a job where you work only three days a week for long hours than to have a job where you work five days a week for shorter hours.

Since the dawn of humanity, there is an overwhelming weight of obsession on people`s minds regarding working and earning money. Comfort has generally been a subjective concept. Since people`s criteria for convenience differ, there is much debate over wether or not it is desirable for people to work only three days a week for longer hours or have a job where they can work five days a week for shorter hours instead. People hold different views toward length of the hours and days they work. Some people believe that it is really hard to work for long hours. Others prefer to work long hours in three days make other days of a week free for themselves. As far as I am concerned, I agree that it is more graceful to have a job just for three days a week for long hours that I will elaborate on in the following essay. To begin with, I believe making more money is achievable if you have more time for it. In this mechanized era, world has been affected by technology, and it makes the opportunity up for you to make a living more comfortable when you have free time and you are at home. I believe it is really enjoyable that you can finish your work in three days and you have rest of a week to plan for other activities and businesses. For example, I am working in a company 5 days a week in regular time that is set In my country to work, 8 hours a week. this job does not satisfy, so I am doing freelancering too in my free time, ad I wish I could more time to earn more money. Thus, I believe that doing what you have to do in just three days, let you have more time to make money. Furthermore, heath, family, and friends are invaluable blessing which should be given high priority. If you have 4 days a week free, it worths to work had in three days for long hours. you can spend more time for yourself to be with your likely person. For instance, my uncle is a professor and he is working just three days a week in the university. He enjoy rest of his days by hanging out with his friends and family, Also, he has more time to exercise and planning for his health. Therefore, I believe that you it is more desirable to work hard in three days and enjoy rest of the days a week with your family and friends and plan for your health. To wrap up, if I had opportunity to choose the job, I would definitely opt three days a week for more hours. First of all, I believe that more times make flexibility in your life and you can earn more money. Second, 4 days free In a week make the best chance for you spend more time with your preferred people.
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