Playing games is one of the popular trends nowadays among children. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Playing games is one of the popular trends nowadays among children. However, personally, I agree with the statement that playing a computer game is a waste of time. First and foremost, Playing a computer game is not help us to face the real world. A computer game is totally a virtual world. Children who play a game on the computer are totally unaware of the real world. Even he does not know how to play the game in the real world.It is popular nowadays because of the lack of playgrounds around the vicinity where children live but unfortunately, it does not help them gain success in the real world.My personal experience is a compelling example of brother, I saw a similar situation in my brother's behavior. He is crazy about computer games.He plays lots of games the whole day and even he forgot to eat and drink and also his homework which was given to him by the school teachers.But when I took him to a nearby tennis ground to play tennis with him he didn't know how to play and hit the ball. Even if he started hitting, he missed most of the ball. I felt surprised that he played tennis the whole day when he was at home, but here he didn't even catch the bat. That's how I realize he had no idea of real-world games. Secondly,children who play games all the time often forget to do everyday work. As a children, they have lots of things to do. They have their breakfast, launch, dinner, homework, etc. Whenever they play games on a computer they often forget their everyday routine. It also has a negative effect on their health. Their eye can easily be affected and most of the growing children have their eye problems. For instance, I have already mentioned my brother. When he plays the video game on his computer he forgets about his daily homework. If he continues the game he played, it will negatively affect his health and also he will get a poor grade in his final examination. In conclusion, I am of the opinion that computer games negatively affect the children and they should not be allowed to play them. I feel this way because it will not help them to face real-world scenarios and they also will not get success in their study because of lack of concentration.
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