People work because they need money to live. What are some other that people work ?

We live in a money-oriented world, where nothing is possible without cash. This is the main reason people work in diverse types of jobs. But, payment is not the only reason people work. There are many other reasons that people work too. The first reason is to gain experience. Many people as I have seen work in jobs to gain practical wisdom which would help them further on in life. In many countries, many students work part-time jobs simultaneously while finishing their studies. It helps them in two ways, the first by giving them a practical sense of the work culture, and the second, it would give them a chance to complete their project works too. It will be a time saver, and also they can earn a salary and put it aside as their savings. For example, my brother when he was doing his Ms in New York, used to work a part-time job in a fast food center. It surely helped him get some earnings and also he got a general knowledge about how the field of jobs works. What comes next is volunteering. It mostly does not involve getting paid. It is considered a social service, which you can do if you are interested. Many people do this kind of volunteering just to spend some time and for the sake of satisfaction. Not only young people, but many old aged people also take part in volunteering. Most of the time volunteering involves you working co-operatively with many other people who signed up for it too. It helps you make new friends, and learn a lot of new things. To illustrate, my brother used to volunteer in the library helping out with arranging the shelves, categorizing the books and etcetera Another reason people work in a particular profession is that it is their hobby. Many people pursue jobs according to their hobbies. Doing what they love gives them happiness. For instance, a person who was a hobby in dancing or singing or acting or whatever might go on to take up a job in the same field. He will have had better knowledge in that area because it is his hobby and he will surely have worked a lot with it ever since. It gives him the satisfaction of doing what he likes and also making money at the same time. In the conclusion, people do not work only because they need money. They work for their satisfaction, by their likes and dislikes, and also to spend their time, learn new things and make new relationships.
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