Do you agree with the following statement. It is better to live on campus than off campus in university.

Perhaps, studying at university is one of the most exciting periods of time for many of us. It often comes as a difficult decision to make. Should I live on campus or not? Well, I was certain that I want to live off-campus, and I had my reasons to be quick in my choice. The first reason why I prefer off-campus accommodation is simply the comfort. Most on-campus rooms are shared, which means there's another person living in the same room. The rooms are often small and there are many restrictions applied on what you can do in your room, and what you should never do. Most of the dormitories do not have bathrooms in the rooms, which is a huge obstacle for me. Secondly, very often the prices are almost the same or there's a difference of ten to twenty percent. So if you decide to take a single room, where you can stay alone and have some comfort in form of a couch or a tv, the university can ask almost the same price as the house lord would ask for an entire apartment with its kitchen and bathroom. Given the conditions and the pricing, which I admit can vary from country to country, in general, I would prefer to rent an apartment and to be able to customize my living area regarding my interests and taste.
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