Summarize points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they respond to the specific points made in the reading passage

Despite the reading text, the lecturer feels that Chevalier's memoir is a very important and a reliable source of history. She then corrects the three points that critics had made about Chevalier's memoir is not completely accurate. The professor crosses out the first point by saying that, Chevalier had large parties and huge property. But the fact that these were just assets and it might be possible that it did not liquidate into cash easily. Therefore he had to take a loan but it doesn't imply that Chevalier is poor. The reading tool questioned Chevalier's memory about how he could remember and write the exact conversations between him and Voltaire. The lecture gave an insight that after every night's conversation with Voltaire, he used to write down whatever he could remember about the conversation. People living with him in the his later life confirmed that Chevalier regularly had went through his books, journals and notes while writing this memoir. The third doubt set in the reading passage is also false because there were more influential people that Chevalier in the prison but they were never able to escape through bribery. In addition, the lecturer also mentioned that after Chevalier's escape, the prison had to be mended. this had been taken from old venetian records. Therefore the method in which Chevalier escaped was indeed true. Therefore it doesn't mean that if a person was wrong in his life. It doesn't necessarily be that he will lie in everything he does.
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