Technology has made children less creative than the past.

Technology has a great influence on different aspects of human society. Technology has a significant part to play in the creativity of people. While many people may believe creativeness in children has decreased than before due to technology; I think creativity has increased in children. I have two reasons to support my view. First of all, due to the invention of the internet, there are video sites. On these video sites, tutorials and steps to carry out different things are presented. The children can learn many creative skills by watching those videos. For instance, as a teenager, I always had a keen interest in drawings. I used to draw famous people and gods in my religion. In my late teen years, I found three-dimensional drawings on YouTube. I started watching the tutorials to draw three-dimensional drawings and within a few days, I became very good at that. I was able to draw a three-dimensional drawing of any kind by myself. People appreciated my work and praised me. This shows that my creativity increased in my drawings due to technology. Second of all, there are different types of communication apps and sites; These apps and sites provide facilities to connect with people around the world. With the help of such apps, interested children can take classes in different creative fields. They can take part in many things that are not available in their nearby places. For example, I have a cousin who is very interested in making tunes for music. To enhance his abilities in his music skills, he has joined an online class to learn more delicate techniques of composing. He practices with his other friends that are enrolled in that program, using video conference apps. Recently, he also got selected to provide a background score in a Nepali short movie. Hence, it can be seen that technology is utilized by children to follow their creative side; although, their learning may not be face to face. To sum up, I would like to conclude that there are many services and sides of technology; like video call services, video streaming apps, and communication apps. These facilities enable the children to be more creative and sharpen the skills that they want to have. Thus, it can be said that technology helps children to be more creative.
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