Are you agree or disagree with the following statement? People spend too much time on personal enjoyment_doing things they like to do rather than doing things they should do

It is critically important that we like to do the actions that we enjoy and the minority of us enjoy the jobs that we have to do Personally, I believe that seeking success requires a lot of effort moreover students don’t have enough time to spend on personal leisure, as a result, I do not agree with this statement. To begin with, growth is painful such as going to the best university, buying a favorite car or house, creating our own company, or being successful in our career all of these examples need difficulty and discomfort. nowadays people want money and success further than past so if we want them we have to put a lot of hours into them it means we have to cease our leisure epoch which means we don’t spend too much duration for our enjoyment. My personal experience is a compelling illustration of this. A few years ago I gave the university entrance exam I had to work and try a lot for that examines in addition that exam was my last chance because after that year the books will be changed so if I couldn’t get a good score I had to start to study new books, in that year I didn’t have a free term to spend with my friend or family which means I couldn’t spend an hour for my leisure moments and had to focus on the things that I have to do. Consequently, sometimes we force ourselves to ignore free hours because we want to be successful and thrive. Furthermore, approximately the majority of the world population is students we have not to neglect this group of people and it is explicit for everyone that they have to work so hard and also disregard their moments of assigning joy. For instance, last month I had a test related to one of my courses at the university, that lesson was really hard and I was afraid of failing, in addition, I and my friends decided to go on a small trip with each other and have a great period, unfortunately, I couldn’t join them because of the condition, I studied and worked severe although I disrupt my connection with my friends to concentrate on the lesson. Based on this experience students in the same circumstance as me restrict their relationship with most of their friends to focus on the courses and tests which oppose the above statement. In conclusion, I strongly believe that most of us can’t put a moment into having fun with ourselves this is because everybody tends to develop moreover schools and universities limit students of pleasure.
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