Summarise the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they case doubt on specific points made in the reading passage.

The article and the lecture are both about the pissibility of living for human on Venus. While the author of the article argues that there are some problems due to the nature of Venus that makes it impossible for living, the lecturer disputes the claims presented in the article. His position is that even there can be number of problems for living in Venus, but still they can be solved. According To the reading, the amount of pressure on Venus serface is so high that none of the spacecrafts that landed on its lands, remaied safe. This specific argument is challenged by the lecturere. He claims that this problem can be solved due to difference of pressure in different hights. Additionally, he points out that by building an in air station, like a balloon, in 50 kilometers of Venus surface, station can be safe. Secondly, the author suggests that lack or limited resources of water and oxygen in Venus can be a challenging problem. In the article it is said that Venus atmosphere contains lots of carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid and other stuff. The lecturere, however, asserts that this chemicals can be used in the process of making water and oxygen in laboratories inside the ari station. Finally, the author puts forth the idea that presence of lots of clouds in Venus atmpsphere blocks and reflects the sunlight. In contrast, the lecturere state that this problem can be used as a benefit by using reflected sunlight for gathering energy in solar power cells.
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