Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Technology has made children less creative than they were in the past.

Throughout history, there has been an overwhelming weight of obsession on humans` minds as the epitome of social creatures regarding creativity. In this mechanized era, societies generally hold the idea that technology is helping children`s creativity. By and large, it is established beyond any doubt that the modern world in which we live has been regarded by many as an age of technological advancement, all the aspect of life has been changing in an unbelievably way. As far as I am concerned, I disagree with the idea that technology caused children to get less creative. I will delve into the following sentences. First of all, In modern societies, children are learning in the high level and developed schools that make the opportunity up for students to study in the best circumstances and advanced facilities. In addition, according to the advent of the internet, children can access the best teacher and high-quality programs anywhere and anytime they want and grow their brains. For example, my little brother is studying music. He has written some songs that are difficult to imagine this song is created by a little boy when you are listening to that. He was telling me that he has a course which is related to composing music by using computers and software. He told that, it lets them think in a better way and makes them to understanding the music deeper. Therefore, educational centers that use advanced technology to teach students can cause brain development in the students. Besides, since the dawn of humanity, creativity has been known as a gift. However, in nowadays world that has been affected by technology, creativity is not limited to naturally gifted children. For instance, my little cousin is persuading his goal and learning painting and art to get a famous person in the future as a painter despite his family saying that this field is not suitable for him. Last month, he had the assignment to paint a landscape in their own style not by duplicating a sample. He did not have any idea about how he should do this. Finally, the paint is done. He used some websites such as to combine many ideas that existed before, in order to create his own. Thus, technology helps children who are not a gifted child and promote their brain and let them be a creative person. To sum up, according to the reasons that I mentioned, I believe that technology made children more creative. educational places get advanced and promote childrens` brain, moreover, let anyone who loves any area to study and not talented in that field.
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