Some people will say luck is more important than others say hard work.Which of this you think is better.Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

People differ from one another in their character, appearance, and opinion.In the dilemma, everyone has a choice and his answer is based on his character.One of these questions is considered luck or hard work.Two of these have a pivotal role to achieve our goals but for every human one is more significant. Although some people will give their voice to luck, I strongly believe that hard work is the better option for our lives.There are two reasons which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost, it gives us a lot of experience which will assist us throughout our lives.It provides skills that develop as we learn and work hard and are considered protective shields when we meet challenges.We ensure that we do not repeat mistakes from previous lessons, and as a result, we grow more capable in our profession. Besides, we take risks to achieve great things because we have confidence in our experience.My brother’s example completes this reason. He always relies on his hard work and believes that achieving a goal requires a lot of diligence. He failed many times but always has learned lessons from it. Today, he is a businessman and always mentions that he rules his company with the experience he got from his efforts.For me, he is a great example of how to obtain our aims. Second reason which compels me to favor this approach is that when confronted with a large amount of data as a result we become knowledgeable people. Every time when we search for something necessary in books, we definitely face new information and they are increasing day by day. In many challenging situations, a person with a large amount of information is capable of locating the crucial keys for escaping difficult situations. The knowledgeable person has a wide range of options choosing a profession and also is considered a demanded employee.My cousin’s example completes this reason.He never grumbled about working hard because he understood that in the twenty-first century, an informed person has the ability to establish his own position in the world. When he graduated college it was easier for him to find a profitable job because companies never skip the best specialists.What he achieved throughout his lifetime he thanks to his eagerness. In conclusion, hard work is more important as it is the first principle to gain what we want and become stronger than ever.
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