Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Rich people who do not work will be unhappy.

Surly, being happy depends on several factors, and Some of them are vital and detrimental. People who are rich is not exception. Hence, they need to satisfy the same factors. I believe work is an instance of these factors, and rich people who do not work will not be happy, at least not an intrinsic happiness. To elaborate on that, I will explore my reasons in the following paragraphs. To start with, having a job does not mean we need money. So, sometimes we work because of different purposes. These purposes could be in various range from having inflation on people to reach on mundane goal. For instance, we can consider someone like scholar who really delighted to solve a problem and help society. As a result, If I were a rich man, and I had a disguise like a sentient to solving a problem, then being unemployed would not be a good option for me. This example indicated that worker do not always seek for money. Sometimes their characteristics push them to have a job. Furthermore, considering a job as an arduous task is not always true. Sometimes work might be a way to have fun as long as we keep balance with our work and life. For instance, I have been working as a programmer in several companies, and I have had lots of fun, and it could have not been better because it has been my favorite job all the time. I like computers and spending time on it. So, I would not consider this as unpleasant time, and it is always good for me. As a result, this example shows, even though we can say writing code is a job, but it helps me to be happy and of course there are jobs that can help rich people to be happy. To conclude, I mentioned two reasons why work is not always for having money, and it might also provide an environment to be happy, and I believe rich people who do not work will not be happy.
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