Some people think that parents should plan their children’s leisure time carefully. Other people believe? those children should decide for themselves how to spend their free time, Which idea do you agree with?Give reasons for your choice

Nowadays, parents worldwide are concerned about their children's future seeing that the world is intricate, developed, and competitive. They are concerned about their children's leisure. Although the children are individuals who should be able to decide about their free time, I suppose that parents can lead them to the best selections. There are several reasons why I feel like this, which I will explore in the following essay. First of all, the form of connectedness and entertainment has been changed, types of equipment are more accessible, and millions of people worldwide are involved in social media. I am of the opinion that, in this situation, children should be led to have more efficient leisure. Otherwise, children will waste precious time without conspicuous achievements. My personal experience is one of the compelling examples of this. My sister spends her time on the internet and social media while she should locate her abilities in her leisure time. Secondly, children are not mature enough or are not intellectually developed enough to make the decisions that are best for them, so by determining children's talents; parents should provide a suitable plan and social interaction that will allow the children involved to be professional and competitive their future jobs. For instance, my nephew has a good program that helps him determine his ability, including music, game, and creativity. He has field trips with his friends to improve his social interaction. The last point but not the least is that every chance will occur one time. As the Iranian saying goes, under no circumstance should you miss your chance, therefore If parents are not cautious, their children's chances will be missed. Sometimes there are opportunities that children are not conscious and the parents should detect and catch them. For example, son one of my friends has a good talent in the sport. One of the best football teams offered him to join their team, but he refused it because he wanted to spend more time with computer games and missed up on one of the good chances. In a nutshell, in my opinion, parents should lead their children in leisure time, but it does not mean that they should be selecting their children's aims. On the other hand, they should let them have different experiences and do not weaken their children's self- steam and capacity to imagine.
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