Some parent offers their school-age children money for each high grade (mark) they get in school Do you think this is a good idea? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Getting a good score is a desire for each school-age child, and parents are always worried about this issue. Hence, they use different subjects as leverage to help their children to get a good score. In my opinion, providing a gift or some money as a prize for children is a good option, and it can enable motivation in the school-age children. To make it clear, I will explore my reasons in the following paragraphs. To begin with, children like every other human in the world need motivation, and we could enable it in different ways, and money is a way. When we promise some money to children for their success, children in their time will envision it and make lots of sweet dreams. Hence, they try harder to reach this dream. For example, When I was in elementary school, my father told me if I got a good score in math, I will buy a PlayStation . I never forgot it. I try harder than every time to reach this goal, and finally,I made it. This example shows, how this leverage helped me to get a suitable score. Furthermore, we can look at this subject from a specific perspective. Some school-age children do not have the ability to understand the value of school. Despite this fact, they do not care about the consequences, or they do not believe, it can help them to find a job in the future. These types of children look at the world as a game and everything for them is like a game. For example, with respect to their characteristics, we can set up some goals for them to tempt them. As a result, we can help these children without annihilating their sweet life. To conclude, I indicated two reasons that I believe using money could be a good way to motivate school-age children. Firstly, every human needs motivation and children are no exceptions, so we can provide a reason for them using money. Secondly, some children cannot understand the value of a good score because they look at the world from a different view. For these children, we can use a different aim to help them.
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