Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “When people succeed, it is entirely because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with their success.” Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

Indeed, when someone has got a success, there is always a debate on the topic which means, what was the main reason for success. Some People like to say it was luck. In fact, in my idea, a result comes from hard-working and luck has not thing to do with it; which I will explain my thoughts about this idea in the following paragraph. To begin with, if we want to depict a successful path for someone, we need to consider everything. To make it clear, sometimes even an objective-oriented rest could help us in the end. For example, I got a certification for university after a year of studying. When I was in the process, at first, I thought to be successful, I had to study all days of the week, and it was the only way to a breakthrough. In addition to it, I was thinking of those people that wasted their time. They could not get a proper result unless they were lucky. But after a while, I understood even having a suitable rest helps us to increase productivity, and those people that have this idea are not lucky. In fact, they are ingenious, and this example shows that we cannot simply say someone is lucky or not unless we consider everything. Furthermore, being successful depends on several factors. One of them is ability. For example, Let us concise two-man. One of them is not in good shape of the body, and another of them is in good shape of the body. The success path in the sports for each one is different because the first man needs to spend more time. As a result, this example indicates that sometimes being successful also depends on some factors. To conclude, I indicated two reasons why I do not believe in luck. Firstly, if we want to illustrate a successful man, we need to regard every piece of his puzzle. Secondly, being successful sometimes depend on some factors, and people with different ability could do various at the end.
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