Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children.

Difficulties of life in past years are beyond our imagination. We have all heard some stories about ups and downs of life of people who lived in past centuries and the nearest one to us regards our grandparents’ childhood. Some individuals are of the opinion that life these days is calmer and more simple than the childhood of our grandparents. Personally, I agree with this claim for some reasons. This essay goals to explore the reasons for holding this opinion. First, general hygiene has been boosted in the last century. The mortality statistics were so high that numerous newborns were dieing before naming for a lack of hygiene or unknown illnesses. The average age of people was down since there was no science for recognizing what drugs are suitable for diseases. However, nowadays we are witness of improving in science in various fields like medicine which have saved million people of death. The development of medicine has prevented people lose their life because of simple reasons. If a new sickness appears, the doctors and scientists will find its remedy. Hence, today people could live more than the past and they have the opportunity of living with their loved ones. Second, we have life facilities such as piped gas, tap water and electricity which were hard to find when our grandparents were children. They and their family tolerated hardships and troubles to achieve a light for warming themselves or clear water for drinking. Sometimes people lost their life while they were looking for catching these basic critical factors. Today, not only we do not deal with these difficulties, but we also could not imagine how hard was to live with that conditions. It means that the quality of life has increased in these years. Third, after the advent of technology, whole aspects of people’s lives have changed. In the past, it could take a long time to send a letter to your friend in another city to be aware of her and today,in contrast, it will take just a few seconds. Furthermore, thanks to technology, individuals can communicate with each other despite thousands of miles away and talk online and face to face. I can predict that we will have more sophisticated ways of communication in five years which they will make life easier for us compared to now. In conclusion, I am of the opinion that we have a more comfortable life than when our grandparents were children had. We have quick access to everyone with just one click by using the internet and municipal facilities such as tap water or piped gas are available regardless of where we are. Doctors are saving people’s lives with simple drugs and the average mortality statistics have been reduced.
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