Do you agree with the following statement. It is better to live on campus than off campus in university.

Nowadays, some universities are facing dormitory shortages. This is the result of an increase in the number of students going to college. Some claim that staying off campus is better than living on campus at the university. I disagree with this opinion because staying on campus brings students many benefits, it makes life more convenient, saves expenses, and provides students with an environment suitable for academic studies. Living on campus makes life more convenient for the students. That's because living on campus allows students to get to the classroom and the library within walking distance. My brother, Jack, is an undergraduate. He lives 7 miles from the school with a boarding family. Every day when he goes to class and comes home, he has to stand to wait for the bus to arrive. As a person of many interests, he takes a lot of courses and has to bring his notebooks from home to campus and then back home every day. "It is tiring," he once told me, "especially on rainy days, when I can't put my bag down and have to stand there waiting for the bus with a heavy bag on my back." If he had chosen to stay on the campus, he could have saved a lot of time and energy. What's more, living on campus also cut expenses for students. The dormitory is cheaper than renting a house off-campus and the food in the school cafeteria costs less than restaurants outside the university. Students aren't completely economically independent. For those students who get loans for their education, being economical helps students by allowing them to get lower loans. A high loan during college may end up being a heavy burden after one joins the workforce. For those who get economic support from their parents, it'll also be nice to be considerate to their parents by saving some money. So it is obvious that living on campus costs less. Last but not least, living on campus can provide students with an atmosphere more suitable for study. Those who stay off-campus may have to face a noisy neighbor. And they may have an incompatible schedule with their roommate——they don't have any other place to go to, and may have to finish their assignments while hearing their roommates having a party in the living room. However, if students live on campus, they can go to the lab from their dormitory very easily. And they also have access to the school library, which is a very quiet and comfortable place to do one's studies. What's more, all the other students in the library are also doing their work. This provides an atmosphere that no rented apartment can offer. In summary, considering the convenience it brings, the money it saves, and the atmosphere it creates, I agree with the statement that for university students, living on campus is better than off-campus.
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