Your local government has just recently get a large donation from an anonymous donor to improve the community. Almost everyone agrees that the money should be invested in building a new public facility. Which of the following do you think your local government should build? Build a public library. Build a public park. Build a public pool.

As a senior year college student, I am constantly looking forward finding new places in which I can have access to the sources I need and also have a quiet place to study and research. Furthermore, there are almost no educational facilities nearby for the younger generation to spend some quality time reading books, instead of wasting it playing video games, etc. Therefore, I suggest we should use this money to build a public library, And in the following paragraphs I will provide two reasons to support my proposal. Firstly, If we examine the other two options that we have, We can infer that they both are sheer entertainment complexes and they have no other use. Don't we already have enough places in the local area such as playgrounds and skateboard ramps for people to have fun there? On the other hand, When we look over the possibilities to make better use of the donated money, We understand that building a library could have other uses the other two places can't. For example, we can dedicate some space in the library to teach English to the kids, Or hold gatherings to talk about books and interpret them. A library is multi-functional in comparison with a park or a swimming pool. Secondly, People already spend a lot of their time on their phones and digital devices. When you think of it, Social media itself is considered a form of entertainment, especially for the children who are not familiar enough with this certain media. In my opinion, the best way to reduce screen time among people is to substitute it with another form of activity that actually has benefits. Reading books for example is a good methodology to reach such outgrowth. building a library helps facilitate the process of encouraging people to participate more in reading activities. In conclusion, I believe that building a library is the best way to make use of the donated money since it is more beneficial to our local society. As a result, children will have a place to educate themselves and the library also serves the intellectual individuals good.
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