Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? "Children should be occupied at all times and should never be left unsupervised

Children should never be left unsupervised as it poses numerous risks of harm to the child. An example I would want to use is the case of the child beauty queen Bennet, if I remembered correctly. In the case, she was killed in her home. There are many speculations and theories on how she died, but it poses the reason why children should not be left unsupervised. First, the child is small, young, and innocent of the dangers of the world. They could be taken away by an adult that would do unspeakable harm with irreversible consequences. In other words, the child may be kidnapped, rapped, tortured, or killed by somebody, and their life stripped away in an instant. In the case of the child beauty queen, the parents were sound asleep and she was left in her room. Second, there are still ongoing cases of children missing up to this day. Many of them, have not returned home or are presumed dead by their families. In the case of the child beauty queen, the mother reported her child missing. Moreover, it was a distressing time, as many children who went missing had their faces posted on milk cartons. Third, the child is may do actions that would lead to their death. Some simple examples would be sticking a fork into the socket or placing a harmful or poisonous object into their mouths. In continuation of the case, the child beauty queen was lured to the basement, where she met her final breath. If she were occupied and supervised at that time, the person who killed her would not be able to do so and she may be alive today. Ultimately, the occupation and superivison are for the protection of the child, as we live in a dangerous world were anything can happen to anyone. These extra precautions will allow the child to safely grow up, live to adulthood, and experience life. may be alive today.
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