Which of the following is the most effective way for parents to get children (aged 3-6) ready for the start of the school? a. Providing appropriate books for children to learn how to read b. Reading books aloud for children c. Improving children's communication skill by engaging in conversation with adults

In this day and age, parents are extensively trying to put their children ahead of the competition by providing them with the best possible ways to prepare them for school. The importance in this regard often leads to serious controversies such as what ways to serve the young children especially those between three and six the best. To discuss this, there are several perspectives, two of which are explained in detail in the following. First and foremost, it is critical for children to learn how to read efficiently, and exposing them to the books that best fit this group is a great means to that. Unfortunately, nowadays, there are not many parents who acknowledge the role of reading techniques in enhancing their young' learning procedures. There is absolutely no correlation between children's academic performance in their early days of primary school and their crude talent. The reason behind this lies in the fact that there is a missing piece to this puzzle and it is the comprehension techniques. By providing young children with proper books, not only will they be able to read faster and as a consequence save their time and energy, but also they will cultivate their ability to maintain their concentration for a significant amount of time even if the subjects are not as interesting as they expect them to be. Furthermore, one should bear in mind that it is proved by science that an elaborate combination of other methods with what was discussed above, might significantly impact their preparation process for school. Reading books aloud for children plays a critical role in improving their listening skills. Recent research conducted at the Sharif University of Technology suggests that children who are asked to work on both readings and listening simultaneously are more likely to perform better at school. This is because although fast and careful reading is of paramount importance,especially before exams, listening skills significantly enhance student comprehension in the classroom. As a consequence, it might help them to follow the material easily when studying for exams since they can recall what was previously comprehended back in the class with no problem. In conclusion, from my vantage point, the combination of providing young children with appropriate books and reading those books aloud for them are is of equal paramount importance as they make a positive contribution to the improvement of children's reading and listening skills respectively. It is strongly recommended that parents implement a thoroughly designed program to prepare their children for primary school as best as they can.
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