Topic: Which of the following is the most effective way for parents to get children (aged 3-6) ready for the start of the school? a. Providing appropriate books for children to learn how to read b. Reading books aloud for children c. Improving children's communication skill by engaging in conversation with adults

In the modern era, parents are extremely careful about their children's educations; particularly, they try to pay a lot of attention to their young children, and prepare them before starting school. They usually try many ways, such as purchasing books, reading books aloud, etc. There is an ongoing discussion about whether buying books for children before starting school is a good idea. While some might possess the conviction that it is not the best way, I believe that providing children with appropriate books would be the best way that parents can use for preparing their children for school. There are several reasons for this, two of which will be explored in the following paragraphs. First and foremost, providing children with books before starting school can give them the mindset of how to use a book. More specifically, by doing this, parents will give their children a hint about how the alphabet works and sounds, and how they can use it for reading and writing. My personal experience is a vivid example of this. When I was 5 years old, my uncle bought me an English book which contained several lessons with appropriate pictures about English alphabet and how they are being used in words and sentences. By reading that book, I already had a basic background with English alphabet and when I started school, while other students were having a hard time learning English, I did not struggle at all. It is clear to see why providing children with books before school can benefit them. Second, giving books to children before starting their education can help their parents to find any possible problems that their children might have with a certain subject and provide them with enough time to figure out a solution. Moreover, if their children show that they are not dealing with a specific subject easily, they can provide their children with other sources and material to help them overcome this challenge beforehand, so they would have to spend a lot of time in school to learn that specific subject. For example, if a child cannot understand simple math questions and answer them, his/her parents can buy more mathematics book or work on their calculations ability before starting school in order to make sure they will have no problem in math when they start their education. In conclusion, I strongly believe that we should provide children with appropriate books before school in order to prepare them better, because by doing this, not only do we make sure that they are more familiar with basic subjects before starting school, but also we can help them with their problems in certain subject and prevent them from struggling with that subject in the future.
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