"Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 'People can deal with problems on their own, so government assistance isn't necessary.'"

Undoubtedly, Issues are an inseparable part of a society and it is critically important how we can deal with problems, with help of the government or without it. In my idea, I strongly believe there is a broad range of matter that needs to invest in extraneous help. I feel this way for two reasons which I will explore in the following paragraph. First and foremost, all issues are not a personal matter and some problems may relate to another source. To make it clear, consider that we are building an apartment which we can handle most of the building process but there is some sort of matter that relays to the government, like suppling a water source or providing an infrastructure to help us in order to connect a phone network. These are issues that we should take help from the government and other officials. In addition to it, Human nature has been working on collaboration, which means Even If we had the ability to handle every problem, time would not let us manage every issue. For Instance, I have been coding for more than five years and I have suitable experience to make a complete website that will work perfectly, but the problem is, this work potentially needs a group of people otherwise it will take a long time which is frustrating. This example signifies that in every aspect of human beings, We should consider time. To summarize it, I indicated two reasons why we could not handle all issue on our own. Firstly, all issue is not a personal matter and may relate to another source and secondly, even if we had the ability to handle every problem, time would not let us manage every issue. So, I believe the government assist requires for some specific problem and we cannot handle all issues on our own.
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