Many people believe that social media networking sites have had a huge negative impact on both individual and society. To what extent do you agree?

AFFECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON THE HUMAN LIFE With the developing technology and communication system, nowadays, communication among people across all over the World has become significant role. Notably during the quarantine period, spending time on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram have rised dramatically/considerably.  That being said, there are some adverse effects/consequences of social networking sites, such as fraud, misleading news and miscommunication in the family. First of all/to begin with, there are also spam link is sent to this application, if someone clicks the link, probably your information will sink to foreign person’s hands. That’s why especially it needs to pay attention in this respect. Furthermore, misleading news are spreaded all over the social media word. In addition to all these, unfortunately, as a matter of fact that miscommunication among the family members have increased drastically even though opportunity of all developed communication gadgets which can reach easily. Contrary to all of them, there are some advantage sides of social networking application, like that reaching new information is easier compared to past period of humanity history. Again period of Corona quarantine all over the countries on the World had to begin online education and therefore in this case importance of social communication applications have increased. On the other hand, in social media Word people have chance meeting with people from varied nations aim to learn language and cultures each other. And, once again, sort of workers on all the World had to continue their works from home on the online field, like Zoom, Whatsapp etc. Being in the first place in education system and working life some of areas have entirely affected from these circumstances. The obvious conclusion to be drawn that in the future social media applications or other communication devices will continue to improve and perhaps they will be our indispensable matters by contrast with all troublesome insight. As far as I believe that disadvantage or advantage sides of social network applications tend to individuals and use which goals.
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