Traveling to a different country can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time. What are the most important pieces of advice that you would give visitors coming to your country? Give reasons and details to support your response.

There is a proverb that says “ Traveling is return to the essentials”.Traveling allows us to relax and disengage from our daily worries. It's also an opportunity to discover new countries.Each country's customs and manners differ from one another, which might produce culture shock for tourists. Everyone who travels to another country should be able to recognize certain aspects of that country.There are many important manners in my country that I should teach tourists, but there are two that I will focus on in this essay. First and foremost, I would suggest them to concentrate on our national festivals.Most part of our history is encapsulated in a single festival, and they can learn more about our past by researching it.They are also fascinating because of how we celebrate them.Visitors are welcome to participate as our holidays for everyone.Furthermore, they are unique, and many tourists will remember that holidays, giving a positive impression of our state.My friend’s example completes this reason.She had international friends who came to see our country. She knew that they would be interested in our exclusive holidays and introduced some of them, especially “Vardavar”.They were surprised because they never heard about it.They had an opportunity to celebrate it and got a lot of good impressions.This information made them to abandon from our country with positive impressions. Secondly, It is preferable to submit an application to a travel agency that provides visitors' guides.My country has many historical sites that just a few people are aware of, and hiring a guide can help you discover them. Our country is considered as one of the oldest countries in the world and a guide will tell you everything there is to know about it.Furthermore, they provide you with knowledge on our national cuisine as well as an explanation of the meaning of each dish.My brother’s example completes this reason.He is a guide and works in travel agency.Once he had tourists from Asian countries.They are fascinated by our historical sites, and my brother has taken them to locations they could never have imagined.It was the "Akhtala" church, which had Christian paintings on all of its walls.My brother also took them to other sites, where they learned a lot about our state. In conclusion, each tourist who is going to visit another country should search about that country and know what they need in that state.
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