Some people prefer to take a position in a company and work for the company. Other people think it is better to go into business for themselves. Which do you think is better? Give reasons and examples to support your response.

There is a proverb that says “ A person who always breaks off from never finishes anything”.Working is essential in our life since we cannot survive and enjoy anything on this planet without it.Your way of life is determined by the money you make from your job.Most individuals want to be successful in life and believe that starting their own business is the best way to do it.Although others say opposite but I strongly believe that this way is better.There are two reasons which I will explain in the following essay. First and foremost, nobody can order you to do anything since you are the headmaster of the company.If you do not finish all of your paperwork on time, you will not be stressed. Furthermore, you are fearless as no one can fire you for your mistakes. You will have more time to devote to other matters and will be able to schedule your time as you like.Besides, his name is well-known and he is well-liked everywhere. My uncle’s example completes this reason.He is a businessman who has his own companies all around the country.Despite the fact that he is a director to all, he claims that he does not devote much time to work because his workers do the majority of the work.Certainly, he did not attain all of this in a simple manner; he invested his full zeal in obtaining what he now has. Second reason which compels me to favor this approach is that your salary is not defined.Your month profits are more than others because employees receive a limited amount of money. The large sum of money can cover all of your expenses and also make you richer.You don't have to consider how to spend your money or what is more important.You will not deny yourself pleasures and will get whatever you desire in this world.My aunt example completes this reason.She became wealthy after starting her own business at the age of twenty.Her life is full of adventures because she never misses out on her favorite pastimes.Her budget increase day by day which makes her assist others too.When I look her I realize that it is better to have your own and live your life greatly. In conclusion, it is better to have your own company because you will have time to enjoy your life and spend your money without fear.
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