Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teacher were more appreciated and valued by society in the past than they were nowadays. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Frankly speaking, I consider this argument pretty true to reality. Nowadays teachers' values dropped so much, therefore people are not willing to study anymore.In the past knowledge was the first, and the most important role in society that's why people had more abundant knowledge resources. I am gonna elaborate on this topic by providing valid examples, to indicate why I agree with this argument. First of all, I believe that in this century there is no need for a master's degree or high education for a successful future.There are thousands of ways to make money, and that is one of the reasons that teachers are not appreciated enough.People in this century don't even graduate from school.For instance, I have a friend who dropped school in 10 grade and went to Europe to open her business.He was tired from school and exams every month and he couldn't take the pressure.Moreover ,he hated teachers because all they do is senseless and doesn't guarantee our future success. Secondly, I feel that in the past teachers were more important than any other profession. They educated the generation and their role was a crucial part of the community.Life was much more healthy and easy, as a result,there were fewer fields to participate in future, which leads to one option and that was learning.For example, my mom, my dad, granny, grandpa ,and other members who are way older than me grow up in the soviet union and education was at the most high level possible.There was no kid who doesn't play some instrument or participate in sport.My mom ,herself is a lawyer and he also knows how to play piano, he went dancing and art classes and sports too. Teachers at that time were so important and valued because the Soviet Union was quite strict with every person. In conclusion, I feel that time changed a lot of things, and nowadays there are different values. As I mentioned in my examples teachers' role in today's reality is the secondary job.
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