People today spend more money on clothing to improve their appearnce. Do you agree or not.

In recent years, the whole world has been changing astronomically at the speed of light with the advent of novel ideas and the-state-of-the-art technologies. This has been quite a benediction for mankind as they could be exposed to the outer surroundings. While some believe by the virtue of the fact that people nowadays spent ample amount of fund on clothes to enhance their appearance; however, others assert that it is not legitimate. Considering my point, I bolser with the former view for numerous conspicuous reasons which are pinpointed in the subsequent paragraphs. The intiation of the idea could be justified with the fact that with the incessant modernization and advancements, the desire for power, wealth and better lifestyle has augmented a lot. This could be plausible only if people would have faith in themselves. To elaborate, self confidence comes, when pupil wear new fangled clothes as a matter of fact that well-dressed person is always highlighted from a distance . What if the dressing style is perpetual for longer duration? Without a shadow of doubt, the bourgeios might be bustled as well as would not focus on their goal. Therefore, young generation are more fascinated by their looks and so they spent massive amount of cash on clothing. Furthermore, another paramount reason that must be cataloged here is that when people transform their appearance into new style then it makes themselves joyful and comfortable. To illustrate this fact from my personal experience, when I alternated my dressing style, it really succored me by upsurging my intellectual abilities with manifolds of people. Although it might be sometimes arduous to deem what would be appropriate in certain situations, but one could easily figure it out. This claim could be proved by abundance of researches which are conducted by myriads of universities in the United States that constantly emphasized that 70 % of mankind are more felicitous and satisfied when they strive to change their appearance and make themself look different. In compendium, taking into the accout all the above mentioned expositions and illustrations, from my perspective, human beings spent enormous money on clothing as it not only make them look comfortable but also boost their confidence.
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