Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? When doing research, it is better to use printed materials such as books and articles than it is to use the Internet. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

As a full-time student, I've been always intrigued to enhance my research methodologies and resource management skills. When it came to source selection, choosing more accessible and the latest sources are always my priority since it alleviates the effort of finding the best possible options. I personally prefer using internet over skimming through printed materials and therefore, disagree with the statement above. I bring two reasons as an explanation to justify my choice. Firstly, Nowadays internet is almost available in every place. Whether you like to work on your projects in a cafe, library,or in your faculty's lobby, internet is provided there. Thus, its convenience by itself is one of its greatest advantages over physical sources. For example, I remember my third-year of university when I was preparing a proposal to submit to a scientific competition. However, my study schedule was so compact that I had to work on my project during class breaks. If internet wasn't provided in our lobby, I couldn't make it to the deadline since I didn't have enough time to get to a library and look for materials. Therefore, accessibility is one of the main points using the internet has. Secondly, specifying your demands and filtering out what you actually need for your research is much easier when it comes to searching through internet. When you think of it, finding a specific subject through hundreds of books is much more time-consuming and tedious than simply typing some words in a search bar. This efficiency enables you to focus your time and energy more on your outgrowth than source selection. For example when you are searching about "Nose Bleeding" and you don't know the scientific jargon for it, It's easier to just look it up on the internet than in a thick terminology dictionary. In conclusion, I highly recommend using internet based resources rather than printed ones because of the convenience and precision it provides for the researcher. It is generally more time-efficient and prevents the task from becoming monotonous.
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