Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Would you prefer to take courses taught by professors with whom you have already had other classes during your past years of study, or would you prefer to take courses with professors whose classes you have never taken before? Why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

At the beginning of our persuasion of an academic degree, acknowledging the fact that there is a wide variety of professors and study subjects throughout our journey and that they each have their own teaching styles and pros and cons is very stressful. I believe we don't have to let this unnecessary pressure force us to lose sight of the actually important matters. we just have to let the process unfold by itself and then we react to the new situations. Studying under the supervision of the professors that we already have been working with has its own advantages, However, there are some points worth mentioning when it comes to having classes with new professors which I strongly recommend. Firstly, Meeting different styles of teaching helps us to enhance our adaptability and adhesion skills. When we get to higher graduation levels, whether we like it or not, we are going to meet new professors and start working with them for at least one semester. So if we don't learn to comprehend different personalities and adapt to certain conditions, We are going to face problems later on in our education. Secondly, Every teacher knows something that probably other ones don't know. When we take different classes with the same teacher over and over again, after some time the teacher doesn't have any novel special secret technic to reveal. but the other ones that you haven't met, have. Thus, taking courses with new teachers might eventually help us learn new things. Thirdly, Having classes with the same teachers is tedious. having redundant study protocols for different subjects doesn't bring excitement. if we want to avoid boredom throughout our studies and keep being motivated, meeting new professors is a good way. In conclusion, I believe taking courses with professors whom we didn't have yet any study subjects with is a good way to strengthen our adaptation abilities and acquire new useful methods. Furthermore, It is an exciting experience and prevents our study journey from becoming monotonous and boring.
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