You are planning to study abroad. What do you think you will like and dislike about this experience? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

There is a proverb that says “ Education is a gift that none can take away”.Education has a pivotal role in our life.A good education is the foundation for a carefree existence.Nowadays plenty of students including myself choose to study abroad.Studying abroad is unquestionably beneficial, but this does not guarantee that everything will go as planned.As an international student, I wonder if there will be things to which I will agree and things to which I will object.There are two reasons that I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost, I think studying abroad allows me to become a more responsible and self- determined person and this is the part I like. Living apart from family will force me to be self-sufficient and do my tasks without assistance.My steps will be more speculative because I will dwell alone among different people.In addition to my college courses, I also have the opportunity to learn how to cook, manage my finances, and control my costs. My sister’s experience completes this reason.She got her bachelor’s degree in another country. Her parents were always there to help her with her troubles. When she stood alone in the face of her problems, she realized that she should tackle them herself because she had no options. She became more self-assured and never shied away from taking risks in order to achieve her goals because she was the one who was responsible for her steps. Secondly, there is a thing that I will not like.Even if I am admitted to college for free, this does not guarantee that I will obtain all I desire.As a student I should under control my expenses because college never solves your problems outside of the dorm.This requires me to moderate my wishes, which is not always easy in other countries.Sometimes it will made us to feel unhappy and be stressful because we will be isolated from others. It causes a lot of students to be confused and sometimes lose motivation for learning. My brother's example completes this reason.He spent his college years in one of the most expensive countries.He certainly received a decent education, but he also struggled financially. He couldn't have all he wanted since he couldn't afford it.From time to time he missed classes as he had felt bleak that is why sometimes he tells about his college years sadly. In conclusion,everything in this world has benefits and drawbacks, which is how the balance is maintained.
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