People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment—doing things they like to do rather than doing things they should do.

In today’s sophisticated situation of the world, people have to address subjects that they do not desire to deal with and they have less time to hang out with their family or friends. This unpleasant condition has led individuals to spend plenty of time on activities enjoyable for them instead of handling their careers or duties. Personally, I agree with this statement because of some reasons. This essay aims to substantiate the reasons for holding this opinion. First, we can figure out by studying human history that we are creatures who can not stand limits. We prefer to determine our duties by ourselves and freely. Furthermore, if the limits were designed by another person like our manager, we would have a guard in front of him. For instance, we are witnessing the employees do their non-working issues like setting a date or calling their peers at workspaces. This demeanors resulted irregularity in every tiny company and disorganization on large scales. Hence, even with destructive results, individuals ignore the restrictions and escaping from significant assignments has always been pleasurable for them. Second, the more simplicity an activity has, the more adherents exist for that. In another word, in smuch as conducting works with high value and significance is associated with difficulty, the brain tends to do them later. For example, we all have experienced the days when we have to study for a prominent exam and what we have done instead of studying, nonetheless, was watch movies on TV. This means escaping from what we have to do is a mentally protective system versus whatever makes us hard. Third, due to the complicated economic and political status of the world, people are tied up all day and mentally tired. They are looking for every little opportunity to have rest and fun with their family. Since these opportunities achieve rarely, they conduct their essential work with reluctance and neglect. As a result, can not be said that all of the problems arise from human instinct. In conclusion, I agree that people desire to ignore significant work and do the things which are more enjoyable and easier for them. It could be arisen from the human instinct to deny every limit and look forward to more pleasant activities. However, part of this is related to the social conditions in the world.
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