Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?It is important to know about events happening around the world, even if it is unlikely that they will affect your daily life.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In this day and age, people are spending most of their time on social media. Therefore, they both accidentally and on purpose face some news resources as well as get informed about what's going on in almost any corner of the world. Humanity remains divided over the importance of being aware of the events happening all over the world. Some contend that it is just a waste of time, energy and brain cells, while others claim the opposite. Personally speaking, even though most of the time the information read on social media isn’t impactful enough, still there are some cases when it can have a significant role in our lives. That’s in view of the fact that any information includes something new to us, which therefore, makes us a more educated as well as a more powerful human being. My justifications to support my viewpoint are provided in this essay. The more one knows, the stronger they are. It doesn’t matter what the knowledge is about, it will one day be used very unexpectedly. When we read an article online over a topic that’s not familiar to us we don’t believe it would play a huge role in our future. However, when a concrete day comes we unconsciously use the information gained from that article. Take my friend’s life experience in order to better understand this point. He used to spend most of his time reading about very unique traditional events happening in African countries. He had no one supporting him doing that, only being judged that it’s a waste of time. Happily for him, one day he was on a trip with his classmates in the forest. They met very strangely dressed people there, making unusual moves and noises. Everyone was appalled except him. Moreover, due to understanding the meaning of the moves made by those people as well as recognising they were the Africans, he joined them and enjoyed the trip more instead of being scared. Of course, he explained the concept of that ritual to his friends in order to calm them down as well. As a result, the knowledge he had about those unique creatures made their trip more insightful. Additionally, awareness of the world’s current status is useful not only from adventure to adventure, but in everyday life as well. As I believe, due to knowing exactly what is happening in the world now, people can avoid becoming a victim of propaganda since they trust the news resource they follow as well as they are confident they know the truth. Shorty said, if one knows something, then scamming them will be a complicated task to accomplish. My life experience is a compelling illustration of this. There was a very difficult period in my country, scammers were everywhere spreading disinformation about the political status of the country as well as the reaction expressed by the international community. Luckily, I read the articles provided both by my native resources and the internationals. As a result, I managed to realize that the provided was misinformation and to make people avoid it too. To sum up all the above mentioned reasons and examples, although receiving a huge amount of new information seems to be unnecessary, sometimes we face situations when the information we have gained become the most needed and helpful. That’s in view of the fact that by the use of our knowledge we can keep us and people we know away from troubles.
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