Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?The opinions of celebrities, such as famous entertainers and athletes, are more important to younger people than they are to older people.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In this day and age, celebrities are people considered influencers due to the fact that they do leave a huge impact on their followers base. People listening to their opinions are trying to copy them by wearing the same clothing, eating at the same restaurants as well as acting similarly in order to end up having the desirable life their favorite celebrities own. Most of the people who still need to build a life are the youth. Thus, the opinions expressed by celebrities are more appreciated by younger people than the older ones. My justifications are provided in this essay. The younger one is the more fledgling they are. Therefore, they need a piece of life advice to become more confident in themselves. Most of the time they listen to celebrities in order to claim some important information about life and how to survive. That's in the view of the fact that they do love the way celebrities live. Shorty said, teenagers find the opinions of celebrities important due to them being inexperienced and simultaneously celebrities successful. My life experience is a compelling illustration of this. Whenever I feel the need for life direction order to get motivated to do something, I do listen to the success stories of my adored celebrities. Comparing my growth path to theirs and trying to make them as similar as possible, results in a positive outcome. Additionally, young people are always on social media. Therefore, most of the time they see celebrities living their life happily and free of worries. That does appeal teenagers a lot that they decide to copy them, sometimes even without realizing they do actually pretend to be the artist they admire. On one hand, this can affect the teenager negatively eliminating them from the present, on the other hand, that can make the young person to get rid of their problems, build a strong personality full with problem-solving skills, and finally find piece of mind. Take my friend as an example. She has always been the clone of her favorite entertainer. She used to wear the same clothes, do the same make-up, even try to match their schedules. As a result, she is always optimistic and calm in every situation she faces. To sum up, in comparison with older people, teenagers do follow and find the viewpoints of famous entertainers and athletes significant. That's in the view of the facts that both the young people are inexperienced and the celebrities have such a good life to be an exemplary for their followers.
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