Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because modern life is very complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.

Modern life is sophisticated, and it mades humans' lives more complex rather than their ancients. In today's societies, young people compete together to reach their goals. So, they should improve the different aspects of themeselves. In my opinion, the ability to plan is one of the crucial skills that young people should focus on that to win this competition. I entirely agree with this notion that young poeple should develop their planning skills to become successful in their futures. Also, they can improve their cofidences in this way. I want to describe my opinion in more detail. The first reason that I want to mention related to youth's futures. Nowadays, everything changes rapidly. People have to adapt with these changes and continue their lives to reach their goals. So, they should be able to think and plan for every new situation and prepare new strategies and plans for their futures. Indeed, inability to organize can not push them to their aims. As a result, they should improve the ability of planning to become successful in their futures. In addition, this ability increase young people's self-confidence. Let me axplain this reason by an example. Consider a students who has a difficult exam next month. Unfortunately, his teacher changes the exam date and says that students should take the exam in the next week, because new policy of schools announces that the exams should be finished as soon as possible. In this situation, if students have developed planning skills, they can easily rescheduled their plans to be ready for test, and they will appreciate their abbilities. In contrast, if they do not have this ability, they become frustrated and they discover that they can not trust themeselves. In fact, if they face to a problem and try to find a solution for that, they recognize that they can trust to themeselves and it leads to increasing their self-confidence. Considering these two reasons, I recommend that parents and teachers try to cultivate this ability in young people's skills.
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