Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? If you do not make sure other people (especially influential people or your employers) know about your strengths and accomplishments, you will never get successful in life.

The reading and the lecture are both about forest fires and severe storms. Reading mainly mentions a solution which is called salvage logging. While the author of the article argues that dealing with 3 main reasons, the lecturer disputes the claims presented in the article. Firstly, the article mentions that, after solving a problem, jungles are engorged with dead plants, and it will take years to return again. Meanwhile, according to the lecturer, cleaning up forests is not crucial. Secondly, the author suggests that dead trees do more than just take up space. Salvage logging helps minimize the dangers of insect infestation. Furthermore, it can be damaged with a high percentage. However, the listener claims that dead trees do not provide any fire. Finally, the author contends that salvage logging has economic benefits and salvage logging requires more workers than traditional logging operations do. However, the lecturer notes that economy is small and they can use helicopter to encourage stopping fire.
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