In many countries, people are no longer permitted to smoke in public places and places of work Use specific reasons and details to support your position.

Smoking is conceived as a daily routine for some people, and others even view it as a social activity. However, considering the negative impact of smoking, the governments of many countries prohibit people to smoke in the public region. Even though some may claim that human has the right to do anything they want, including smoking in any region, I fully support the policy of banning smoking in the pulic area and work space as smoking pose harmful effects to the public in several aspects. Firstly, smoking strikes negative influence on human body. Numerous studies have proved the correlation between smoking and the incidence or poor mortality of lung cancer. Indeed, no other substances had been shown to strongly correlated with the progression of tumor as smoking did. Smokers themselves are not the only groups of people who need to undertake the harmful effect, the people that merely surround the smokers and absorb the smoke will also be exposed to the hazard effect of smoking. Thus, it is conceivable for government not permit smoking in open area. In addition, the smoke does not only cause negative effect on health but also lead to discomfort for some people. For example, the bad smell of the smoke often disgusts me. Since a good-virtue civil should avoid doing any things to make others uncomfortable, especially in the public region, the smokers should be prohibited to smoke in the public area or working space. If they want to smoke, it is acceptable that they smoke in their private area. Also, smoking in the public region might be a negative image for those immature adolescent to learn after. Child and adolescent might not possess the ability to distinguish a bad behavior from the good one. Thus, high possibility is that the youngsters want to try smoking just for fun, if they see someone smokes, but not aware of the negative impact it can cause. To prevent this bad consequence, smoking should be banned in the public region. Smoking pose tremendous hazard in various aspects. Even though certain people might argue that the policy violate their liberty, I strongly believe that government in any countries should legislate that no smoking is permitted in any public region or working space to protect human health.
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