Which kind of universities do you prefer, universities whose graduates can find good jobs or universities where there are famous professors?

In the last century, education and training have played a significant role in modern people’s lives by conveying knowledge of one era to the other. These are necessary for improving life, profession, and so on because society has always been becoming more sophisticated recently. Therefore, most people spend a lot of time in universities and schools, expanding their awareness. With that being said, some people believe that students should choose a university with famous and renowned professors; however, in my opinion, they should select a university that assures its graduates get a good job. In what follows, I will elaborate on my viewpoint by providing specific reasons and examples. First and foremost, finding a proper job is the primary goal in selecting a university, and universities that satisfy its purpose is the best choice. In fact, companies usually prefer to recruit graduates who have a degree rather than others who do not. Hence, most people gain an academic degree to get a better position. The results of a study conducted in my country indicate that more than half of people who get a job through their university are happier and more satisfied in their occupations. Because they could find their profession as soon as possible after graduating rather than their peers who graduated from a different university. In addition, owing to having a good vocation, they could balance their work and family, which leads to a joyful life. In contrast, students who attend university based on various factors like renowned professors are unable to get a suitable position, so they are forced into an unsuitable jobs. In this case, they are often depressed and anxious because of unpopular work. As a result of that, choosing a university which helps to find a proper career as soon as possible after graduating is more important than other components. Furthermore, some well-known corporations hire their employees from special universities which prepare their graduates for workspaces. In other words, some positions are special and extraordinary, so only graduates whose majors are related to and whose degrees are taken from a particular college could apply for them. Indeed, these lucrative jobs are great opportunities with high salaries, fringe benefits, and remarkable experiences. Take my personal experience as a compelling example. A couple of years ago, before going to university, I should have selected a university between two options. One was a college with great job opportunities after graduating; the other had celebrated professors. Owing to the advice of my parents and teachers, I selected the first alternative. After a while, when I graduated and wanted to find a job, I could get an excellent position in an international company based on my academic degree. It had high pay and a lot of perks, and I could have bought a home after one year. had I not chosen the university that guarantees options to find a career, I would not take on an excellent career with a high salary which led to buying my home.
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