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Frankly speaking ,I consider that universities and colleges need to put importance and financial help to both classes, libraries and also sports , and social activities for two main reasons. However, sometimes people strongly believe that sport and an active lifestyle is a secondary choices in our life, I disagree with this point. Sport is as important as studying because we need to take care not only of our brain and knowledge. Being in a good shape and knowing what to consume and taking regular training in university can increase not only muscle mass and give shredded look but also will help to stimulate brain functioning, and faster learning. For instance, I can't imagine my life without sport, on the other hand, I am also a hardworking person and I ensure that I do both in order to be functional and get the most motivation. As a woman and a female representative, I am also a feminist and I believe that women are capable to study working hard ,and also being in a good shape. Furthermore,I believe that we need to balance our schedule and give importance to studying and sports equally. Nevertheless, the classes and libraries take most of the students' time, and in order to get a high understanding and knowledge to master the profession , they need to work hard and improve their skills and get the most. Moreover, I feel that studying non-stop is not a good option and our brain needs to rest to absorb all the information. The researchers showed that studying one hour a day for a sequence can be more productive and easy to handle, rather than studying for more than 6 hours. For instance I study for 2 hours then I get some rest, I like to go out and have some light walk or a ride to stimulate my brain and clean my mind for better reworking. In conclusion, I give importance to everything and I try to combine every possible activity on a daily basis to get the most productive and functional result.Sport makes us strong,beautiful, and confident power to change. Knowledge gives us the power that nobody can take away, and being clever not only in major is an enormous plus for our future and will lead to being in a good environment, and having good relationships with surrounding people. Having both the ability to be clever and be in good shape can give us abundant opportunities in the future.Nowadays people only think about looks in general but knowledge and also the look can get you out even from the hardest situations in life. So stay healthy take care of the body and also study, because the key in life is balance.
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