In twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today.

From many people’s point of view, cars are the most effective invention on the quality of lifetime. The more advanced the science becomes, the more sophisticated machines will be produced by companies which are included cars. But, some approaches exist which believe that the number of cars will be decreased in twenty years. From my perspective, this assertion is true and I agree with this because of some reasons. This essay aims to investigate the reasons for holding this opinion. First, despite the restricted capacity of the globe, the world population is increasing even at this moment. It is undeniable that the exsistence of cars to the number of people in the world is impossible and damaging to the earth. Nonetheless; countries know the enhancement of public transportation vehicles as a solution for solving individuals’ transfer issues. For instance, public transportation does not confront with cars matters like traffic, air pollution and time-wasting since they are fast and they could carry more people than personal vehicles. So, it seems governments inevitably have to barricade the wasteful production of cars in future for preventing extra expenses. Second, as the industries are being more developed, the requirement of physical presentment of people for working becomes less than the past and with this process, it could be claimed physical presence will have been decreased for doing most of the stuffs in twenty years. For example, we were witnesses of teleworking in Covid pandemic and extended number of companies kept continue this manner of working even after that the pandemic had done. Following these, individuals’ necessity for transportation and cars will be reduced. Hence, if people did not need to go to their offices for work or shops for shopping, it would not any requirement of using the cars to move in the future. Third, cars are the main reason for environmental degradation. They burn fuels for moving which are critical and nonrenewable sources of energy. The fumes which are produced by burning the fuels are threate for humans’ respiratory system and cause some diseases like Asthma and chronic headache. Likewise, cars with their movement system have direct impact on aire pollution which causes weather change. That means that world is going to clarify itself from cars since replacing them with other vehicles has numerous advantages for people, governments and environment as a result. In conclusion, I am advocated of the approach which claimed in twenty years cars will fewer. This evidence would have benefits for the earth and its environment, people and their health and governments and their costs and will make an opportunity for inventing less damaging transportation for new industries.
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