Do you prefer read a book when it is assigned to you or you prefer to read a book by yourself?

There is a proverb that says “ Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom.Books were the primary way to acquire knowledge from ancient times.Nowadays books are still considered one of the best methods for increasing our ken. Basically, we prefer books based on our criteria. Although some people say that they prefer to read a book on their own, I strongly believe that assigned books are more beneficial.There are two reasons which I will explore in the following essay. First and foremost, the assigned books have a benefit for our studies.Students who read those books have a great advantage. In school, we have textbooks for subjects but sometimes we do not obtain enough information from them and the educator gives books to fill our gap.Teachers are skillful in their work and they know better what we need for a better result.Their instructed books can train our brains and prepare us for exams.My personal experience completes this reason.In literature classes, we learn about writers and their works, but the plot of each book is only briefly introduced and we cannot absorb all the details.During the exam we were supposed to analyze the book "Samvel" and the introduction of the book is not enough to get a high score.Our teacher told us to read it and she knew we all would.We read it and passed the exam successfully. Second reason which compels me to favor this approach is that we have an opportunity to find interest in various genres of books.Most people focus on one category and pay no attention to other books. When teachers give us books to read, we have no alternative as it will be scored and in most cases it is a good occasion to find new interests.Definitely, it is significant to read whatever it is, but there are a lot of books that should be read.My personal experience completes this reason.I am a detective lover and acquainted with them.I had a negative opinion regarding historical books because I did not like History.When my professor instructed us to peruse a book of ancient times I did not want to but I had not any option.Thanks to my lecturer assigned book, I changed my mind about certain genres and began to read other genres as well. In conclusion, assigned books are more beneficial as they lead students to prepare for exams better and pay attention to other categories too.
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