Advances in transportation and communication like the airplane and the telephone have changed the way that nations interact with each other ·in a global society. Choose another technological innovation that you think is important. Give specific reasons for your choice.

Technological innovation has changed many people's lives specially in the twenty-first century. An individual can easily get board on an airplane and reach his destination as far as 2000 kilometers within three hours. People can talk over the phone and hear other people's voice from any place in the globe. These innovations have created many advancements in medical issues, commerce and military concerns. Another great technological innovation which has changed many life styles already and is popular is the internet and the major reasons for it go as follow. The internet, used mainly as the world wide web service, is an everyday technology that by its absence many services will become disabled. By the never-ending growth of information technology and the widespread use of emails, voicemails and voice over internet (VOIP) internet came to people’s daily lives. Many internet shopping, advertisements and virtual companies use this base for reaching their commercial aims. Furthermore, emails, a new way of communication without the need of a predefined line was a sub product of internet. And today any person without an email is almost unknown. Voice chatting and webcam chatting are two popular services provided after the invention of emails. Moreover, finding different services and even registration for them are done by the internet. For example you can easily reserve an airplane or train ticket via the internet. You can furthermore pay the ticket by internet payments too. Many companies and universities announce their job or study vacancies over the internet. And even some universities enrollment procedure is done only by the internet based application forms. All in all, one of the most popular and most important innovations which created a new life style was the invention of internet. An innovation that help humans in diverse ways and cannot be omitted because of its major influence on many daily activities it has and will have in the future.
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