Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

As a matter of fact, I myself have very little to no experience about the necassities of a relationship (chiefly love relationships) and the ways to maintain it. but, I had many friends and families who had such relationships and i could learn many things just by observing them. One of the things that I learned through my observations is that, in order to keep a relationship healthy and prevent it from becoming toxic, we should provide it with three absolute necassities every relationship should have. these are trust, love and empathy. I mentioned love not because I think it should exist in sexual relationships but also between normal people interacting daily with each other. by emapthy I mean having an understanding view over each other and the most important one, is trust. trust is something worthy, but fragile in nature. once lost, never can be found again. It's the most pracious thing that we humans have. People tend to often get hurt by the people they trust the most since we already are cautious when it comes to strangers we don't know. What is the fastest way to ruin someone's trust in us? not letting them know the truth. Well as you already know, there is something about the nature of truth which is to get leaked no matter what. as a result, we humans are not capable of hiding the truth for a long period of time whether we like it or not. and when the truth is finally exposed, here comes the moment when we lose something that is so hard to retrieve: Trust. for example, when we cheat on our life-partner we are actually hiding the truth from them by not letting them know the truth, which is also a form of lying. when they find out about our cheating, they would resent us immidiately and we lose their trust. or when we are facing hardships in our lives but we hide it from our partner only because of their sake and just because we love them, eventually we will feel overwhelmed and this affects our mood. Bad mood means bad behavior and miss understandings in relationships and depriving our selves from other peoples empathy and help. Another example could be my aunt working in a company as a secretery. she used to be a single mom with two kids at the time. She came always late to the work because she had to prepare the kids for the school and that would take her time. she never justified her delay for her boss because she was afraid of losing the job. one time her boss was driving past my aunts place and saw her getting her kids in the school bus. later that day, he explained to her that if she informed him sooner, they could actually reschedule her working hours and she doesn't have to be late ever again. This example and many others show us that telling the truth is always the better option.
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