Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In the early years of the car invention, people were fascinated about them and there was still room for the progress. But there wasn't enough number of them to start instigating environmental pollutions and other troubles. With the progression of science and technological advances, nowadays we have a plethora of cars on the earth and this has indeed caused many problems. Actually, in this era that we are currently living in, many people have already seen the result of their omittment about the fact that we are polluting our environment by producing and using more cars on a regular basis. as we use up natural resources Mother Nature has provided us as fuel for our cars and vehicles and release the waste in the air, we are not just alleviating our natural, unreplenishable resources, but also we are polluting the echosystem, making it harder for animals and plants to live in. This in fact depicts our selfishness and someday, it is going to backfire at us and when this happens, we all know it's too late to be regretful and sorry about our deeds. On the other hand, as we proceed, we can see an increase in people's awareness about the critical situation that we are facing. people are starting to realy believe that this unrestricted consumption is hurting themselves by making them fat, sick, or simply making the air unbreathable in their cities. With the advent of the new technology and better resource management, there is going to be an influx in the quality of public transportation and as a result, people will tend to use them more often and this means less cars on the streets. In my opinion, as we are getting more and more informed about the plights that excessive and unnecessary consumption has caused. and we show more care for our planet, we will eventualy decide to lessen the number of the cars we own, since they are a major problematic form of assets we own. and this can be the first step to maintain our planet.
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