You are a student at an international college, which you think could be more environmentally friendly. Currently, there is no environmental club at the college. Write a proposal for your college principal, asking for permission to set up such a club. In your proposal, explain why you think it would be a good idea, outlining what the club’s aims would be for the first year, and describing how you would get students involved.

As a senior student of our college in the field of Ecology, I've been always concerned about the relationship people have with their surrounding environment. Through my observations I've comprehended that there is a devoid of attention to this subject among our students and I see this as my duty to make people aware of the fact that they have to be more friendly with the environment since it will have positive impacts on the quality of their lives. Thus, I sincerely ask the Principal to grant me the permission to establish an environmental club in our college. In order to elaborate on the things I try to achieve through my activities concerning this club, I have to state that if we are going to have a better relationship with our environment, We firstly have to be informed about the improtance of environmental protection and this can be only achieved through indicating the damages we've done so far to it. When we raise the awareness among the students, they are more likely to admit their mistakes and take their first steps for compensation. Other students observing their classmates acts will definitely get inspired. This leads to developing good habits that will have effects when get compounded through time. Our club's targets for the first year would be holding lectures and demonstrations to provide information and raise awareness. Furthermore, cleaning the campus in front of the other students is also helpful.
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