Would you prefer government job or private job ? And why ? Take your stand and justify it with appropriate reasons and examples.

Students after graduating college search for jobs to earn their livelihood. Some people prefer jobs in private sector or in corporates while other prefer government jobs. Both of the jobs has their own advantages and disadvantages. I would prefer jobs in private sector than government jobs, I have practical reasons to support my opinion Firstly, while choosing a good job for me, I look at the salary. One will always get more salary for the same job in the private sector. People say money isn’t everything and one shouldn’t chase after money but money is important as it affects other important things. Like education of my children, healthcare, good food, good clothes, good house and so on. Secondly, I look at the future possibility for growth. While working for the government, there is a very small chance for promotion. I can possibly be head of a science program but sometimes there is politics involved and that position is given to someone else. While when working with corporates, chances of promotion is higher. Also when I am in a position for a greater position such as manager or partner, there is usually a board who takes the decision. Since there are many people involved in the decision making the chances of taking a bad decision is very less. Thirdly, while looking for a job, I look at the people with whom I will be working, mainly my superiors. As being from science field, I expect some freedom for my research programmes or my experiments. We have always heard the stories of scientists working with the government held back. They sometimes aren’t given freedom for their work due to some issues like not having a budget or sometimes there is lack of ambition. While working with the private sectors, freedom is guaranteed. In the recent years we have all heard of Elon Musk and SpaceX. The main reason of their success is ambition and freedom. While SpaceX developed a reusable rocket that would come back to the Earth after the launch, NASA on the other hand found the idea to be expensive. If I were a scientist, I would of course choose to work with SpaceX and become part of this incredible project. Working with the government has its own benefits too. While the salary is less but one is guaranteed pension after retirement. There is more security of the job, one is less likely to get fired. But for me, the advantages of a private sector job outweighs the advantages of a government jobs. Thus due to my reasons I prefer private jobs.
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