Some university professors let their students choose their research topics themselves. Some do not. Which one do you think is better. Why?

In the last century, education and training have played a significant role in modern people's lives by conveying knowledge from one era to the other. They are necessary for improving life, professions, and so on because society has always been becoming more complicated lately. Therefore, most people spend a lot of time in universities and schools expanding their knowledge. With that being said, some people believe that students should choose their research topic without any professor's advice; However, in my opinion, research topics must be chosen by professors, and students should obey them. In what follows, I will elaborate on my viewpoint by specific reasons and examples. First and foremost, university professors, who are specialists in their field, usually have a lot of experience, so they know critical and new research topics. In fact, many questions are generated in the world every day, and selecting one of them to investigate is important. University professors usually engage with these problems in industry and academia. Accordingly, they could assist the learner in selecting a crucial subject which investigation that is valuable for real issues. Take my personal experience as a compelling example. When I was a first-year student at university, I should have researched environmental issues. I decided that I get help from my professor in choosing a topic. I researched my professor's viewpoint about drought. At the end of the semester, I received an environmental prize from the government for finding a solution to the vital environmental issue. Had I not gotten aid from my professor for appointing topic research, I might have failed in the term project and course. Furthermore, every research needs some data and instruments that professors mostly could help gather data and provide equipment because of familiarity and specialist with subjects. In other words, if early materials for each research do not provide, the result of that will be incorrect, and the project will fail. Therefore, owing to the specialty of professors in a subject, they could fix this issue at the beginning of a project. The results of a study conducted in my country indicate that projects performed under the supervision of a professor lead to better results than they do not. Indeed, the results of that are more reliable to expand on real problems because of choosing correct and accurate resources. As a result of that, the more professor specialist in topic research, the more primary data and results will be precise. In conclusion, not only could specifying a subject by university professors lead to fixing crucial problems, but also it would help to collect primary materials for doing reliable research and expanding on to real projects. I strongly suggest that learners select topic projects based on their professor's viewpoint.
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